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Klaas-Jan Stol

Team Lead

Klaas is an SFI Principal Investigator and a Funded Investigator with Lero.

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Rezvan "Ziba" Pakdel

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ziba received her PhD from University College Cork.

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John Hutchinson

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

John has over 20 years industry and research experience.

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Maroun Tabbal

PhD Student

Maroun works on project SODAW.

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Ita Ryan

PhD Student

Ita works on security in SE.

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Eddie Armstrong

PD.Eng. Candidate

Eddie works on cyber-physical systems and Industry 4.0.


Brian Fitzgerald


Brian is Director of Lero and Professor of Information Systems.

Mario Schaarschmidt

Junior Professor

Mario is a Junior Professor at University of Koblenz

Paul Ralph

Associate Professor

Paul is an Associate Professor at Dalhousie University.

Knut Rolland

Associate Professor

Knut is an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo.

Torgeir Dingsøyr

Chief Scientist

Torgeir is Chief Scientist at SINTEF.

Erwan Joud

PhD student

Erwan is a PhD student at IMT Atlantique.

Arvind Tripathi

Associate Professor

Arvind is a professor at U. Auckland.

Nicolas Jullien


Nicolas is professor at IMT Atlantique.

Danese Cooper

Open Source Advocate

Danese is a long-time Open Source Advocate.

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Sarah Beecham

Senior Research Fellow

Sarah is a Senior Research Fellow with Lero at the University of Limerick

Joseph Feller


Joe is a professor of information systems at University College Cork.

Minghui Zhou


Minghui is a professor at the Institute of Software at Peking University (PKU).

Yuxia Zhang

PhD Student

Yuxia is a PhD student at Peking University.

Marialaura Moschella

PhD Student

Marialaura Moschella is a PhD student at the Free University of Bolzano.


Ann Barcomb

Postdoctoral researcher

Ann received her PhD in 2019.

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Daniel Russo

Postdoctoral Researcher

Daniel received his PhD from the University of Bologna.

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We study how companies develop complex software systems.

Research Laboratory

School of Computer Science and Information Technology
University College Cork
Cork, Ireland

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